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Retro Planet Wall Decals Information

Installation Instructions Header

Wall decals go by many names, including wall stickers, wall tattoos, and wall graphics. Unlike transfers, Retro Planet’s wall decals are removable, making them a fun, creative alternative to signs and framed pictures. Some also use them in lieu of accenting wallpaper and paints.

You can view & print these instructions in PDF format.

About our Decals

Our Decals are available in several media types with different properties and intended uses.
✴ Standard Premium Media has slightly textured matte finish in a thick media that covers slight wall blemishes very well. It’s low-tack adhesive makes it very easy to apply and reposition as needed. It is best for walls and other flat surfaces
✴ Matte Vinyl is a thinner flexible media that closely follows the surfaces contour. It with a low-tack adhesive suitable for appliances, cabinets, and non-porous surfaces.
✴ Gloss Vinyl is a flexible media with an aggressive adhesive that is suitable for appliances and other non- porous hard surfaces. This is more difficult to remove and can not be repositioned easily.

Our decal materials and inks are made in the USA, as are the designs. The materials on non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Acceptable Surface Types & Use

Our decals are designed adhered to flat surfaces, like walls, cabinets and refrigerators. While they can be installed around corners, they are not ideal for “molding” around odd shapes and ornate bevels.

In most conditions, our wall decals will leave wall surfaces damage-free. However, some older and/or cheaply made paints or wallpapers may become flawed during the removal process.

Our wall decals will adhere properly to eggshell, satin, semigloss and gloss paint. They will also take to flat and matte surfaces, however this is a more permanent bond. When removing decals from flat or matte paint surfaces, it is likely paint will be removed.

How to Apply Polyester Wall Decals

The application process is actually quite simple, but does require some patience. Larger decals, however, may require the help of another person.

Before Applying Your Decal

Prior to installing any of our wall decals, please follow these key steps:

  • Make sure the decal can lay flat. If your decal arrived rolled, lay it on a flat surface for at least 24 hours before applying.

  • Measure the area to ensure the decal will fit as you’d like.

  • Clean the wall (or other surface) of dust, lint or other debris. For dust or lint alone, use a microfiber cloth. Most walls can also be cleaned with a damp sponge, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s details for specialty paints and surfaces. Allow wall to dry completely.

  • DO NOT apply decals to freshly-painted walls. Wait at least 72 hours after the paint has completely dried. If your wall is freshly painted see the Paint & Moisture section at the end of these instructions.

  • To ensure the wall’s surface will accept the decal without damaging it, use the test decal included to test in an inconspicuous spot, and rub it on with a squeegee or a credit card; then peel it off.

    Tools you might want on hand:
    • Squeegee
    • Painter’s Tape
    • Scissors or Hobby Knife
    • Level & Measuring Tape

Tools for Decal Application

You can use a level to ensure your decal is straight: Before you remove your decal from the white backing, just hold it against the wall and use a piece of painter’s tape to keep it in place. Set your level and adjust the decal until it’s aligned with the level. Put two pieces of tape on the wall to mark this level line. Remove the decal from the wall. Use a long strip of painter’s tape to span the area of the two pieces of tape you just put on. This strip is now your level guide.

Guidelines for Decals

Application Instructions

Small Decals

Small Decals are extremely easy. (If your small decal comes with transfer tape, see “Decals with Transfer Tape” below.) Just peel off the white backing and press in place. It helps to smooth the decal from the center out, using your hand or a squeegee. If you are not satisfied with the placement or see air bubbles, simply peel up one part of the decal and work them out gently. Squeegee in place for a more secure bond.

    Small Decal Application

Decals with Transfer Tape

Some large or intricate decals have a transfer tape layer over the front of the decal. This makes application easier.

Set the decal on a table or other flat surface, front side up, and run a squeegee over it repeatedly. This creates a strong bond between the decal and the transfer tape. Peel a few inches of the backing away from the decal. When exposed, stick this part to the wall and squeegee the decal in place. Slowly peel the backing away from the decal, just a few inches, pressing the exposed part to the wall and squeegeeing as you go. Continue until the entire decal is on the wall.
Once the backing is out of the way, gently peel the transfer tape from the wall and decal starting at one corner. Squeegee the decal as you expose it. Slowly peel and flatten as you go until the entire decal is exposed. If you see air bubbles, peel up one part of the decal and work them out gently with your hands or a squeegee.

Decals with Transfer Tape

Horizontal Decals

Put a strip of tape down the middle, across the entire decal. Starting on the left side, peel the decal from the backing, about to the tape line. Cut off this flap of backing paper and press the left side of the decal to the wall.

Remove the center tape - you no longer need it. Now flip the right side over and peel off the backing paper. You can remove it completely or a small section at a time. Press the decal in place and squeegee it to the wall until the entire decal is up. If you see air bubbles, work them out gently with your hands or a squeegee.

Applying Horizontal Decals

To see a video example, check out:

Vertical Decals

Use a strip of painter’s tape horizontally, across the entire length of the decal, about 1/3 from the top. Grab the top of the decal. Gently pull the decal down from the backing, exposing a few inches. Cut off the backing you exposed with scissors.

Attach the top of the decal to the wall. Use a squeegee to smooth it out. This will hold the decal in place while you apply the rest of it. Remove the painter’s tape.

Grab the backing, starting from where you left off at the top, and roll it down the back of the decal (between the decal and the wall), just a few inches. Press the decal you exposed to the wall with your hand. Repeat this process, stopping every few inches and pressing the decal to the wall as you go. Continue to roll the backing down, flattening as you go, until the entire decal is up.

Use your squeegee to smooth the decal on the wall. If you see air bubbles, work them out gently using a hair dryer if necessary to soften the bond.

Applying Vertical Decals


Removing Wall Decals

To remove one of our wall decals, peel it carefully and slowly from the wall. Stretching may occur, especially with larger decals. Note that the longer a decal stays on a wall, the greater the chances of damaging the paint when you take it off. If the adhesive is holding too tight, use a hair dryer to heat the decal—this will help weaken the adhesive bond so it will be easier to remove. If you need to store a removed wall decal, reapply it to the original backing. You can also place the decal on premium wax paper or butcher paper. Roll the decal and store it in a sturdy box or tube at room temperature.

View & Print these instructions in PDF format

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