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Retro Planet Wall Decals FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wall decals?

Wall decals are special removable stickers that can be applied to nearly any flat, non-porous surface. They key feature of wall decals is their "low tac" adhesive, which allows them to be removed and repositioned easily. Wall decals go by many names, including wall stickers, wall tattoos and wall graphics. They are not rub-on transfers, so the application is not permanent.

What are Retro Planet's wall decals made of?

Our wall decals are made of a polyester fabric called Presto-Tex. It has a matte finish so you don’t get glossy glare, and the image can be viewed from any angle, in both low- and bright-lighting conditions. It’s woven fabric, so it has a slight texture to it that adds a perceived depth.

Can I install my decal right away?

We recommend you lay your decal out for at least 24 hours after you receive it. This will allow it to flatten out prior to application. Also, if the wall is freshly painted, wait at least 72 hours for it to completely dry.

Where can I apply a wall decal?

Our wall decals can be applied to almost any smooth, non-porous surface, including:

  • painted walls and ceilings
  • smooth or sealed doors
  • glass doors and windows
  • appliances
  • toilets
  • chalkboards
  • laptop and computer cases

Wherever you plan to put your decal, you should always remove surface dust first. If further cleaning is required, use a damp sponge or cloth (with warm water and a little soap) and make sure it is completely dry before applying your decal.

If you aren’t sure that your surface is smooth enough, testing is recommended. We provide a sample decal for testing purposes with your order.

Can I apply a decal to a freshly painted wall?

It is highly recommended you give the wall at least 72 hours to dry before applying your decal. The longer the better.

Can I apply a decal to wallpaper?

Yes, but the wallpaper must be completely smooth. Some wallpapers come with special coatings that allow for easy cleaning and these can reduce the effectiveness of the decal adhesive. We recommend testing on any wallpapered surface before applying your actual decal. We provide a sample decal for testing purposes with your order.

Will removing the decal damage my wall?

In most cases, no. However, if your drywall or plaster wall did not dry completely when paint was applied, the decal might pick up the paint upon removal. The condition of the wall you’re applying the decal to is a very important factor.

How about if the decal has been on for a year?

The longer the decal stays on a surface, the stronger the adhesive bond grows. It will still be removable, but there is a chance of paint coming up if the decal has been applied for a long time. If your decal has been on for more than a year, we recommend using a heat gun or a hair dryer to slightly warm the decal before attempting to remove it. This will help loosen up the bond.

Are your decals non-toxic?

Yes. Both the polyester fabric and the inks are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Can I use it outdoors?

The fabric is designed for interior use. However, we will soon be launching vinyl versions of these designs that can be used outdoors.

Can I apply it by myself?

Small decals are easy for one person to apply. You might need help from a second person for our large decals, depending on how much painter’s tape you use and how flexible you are!

How do I store a decal once I’ve taken it off the wall?

We recommend keeping the original backing and box for easy storage. If you have disposed of the original backing, place the decal on premium wax paper or butcher paper and roll it up. You will need to use several sheets for a large decal.

When will my decal ship?

Most decals ordered before 1 p.m. EST will ship out that same business day. Any decals ordered after 1 p.m EST will ship out the following business day. We have to factor in drying time because the decals are printed to order.

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