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Our Ghost Brick Murals Bring Ghost Signs Back to Life!

Our Ghost Brick Murals Bring Ghost Signs Back to Life!

Reproducing the look of old-time ghost signs, our ghost brick murals celebrate a nostalgic form of advertising and bring cool, industrial style to your decor!

What Are Ghost Signs?

Ghost signs are large advertisements painted on brick walls that have faded with time. Also called faded ads, brick ads, and painted ads, these signs were a popular form of advertising from the 1890s through the 1960s. The term "ghost sign" seems appropriate, given their faded look and historic quality. Companies large and small, from Coca-Cola to your local shoe store, advertised with ghost signs. What better canvas for your product's logo than a three-story building on a busy street?

Welcome Route 66 Ghost Sign Graphic Faux Brick Mural

The artists who painted them were called walldogs. Armed with brushes, paint, and tethers to keep from falling to their doom, walldogs risked their lives on every job. Falling was only one danger: another was the lead paint that made their creations durable enough to be seen decades later.

Personalized Home Theater Marquee Faux Brick Decal

Ghost signs declined in popularity during the 1960s thanks to cheaper signage options and the proliferation of local regulations on the size and location of signs. By the 1970s, ghost signs were all but extinct. But their rich legacy can be still be seen today - literally.

Coca-Cola 5 Cents Ghost Sign Graphic Faux Brick Mural

Our Ghost Brick Murals

Today, we pay tribute to these hallmarks of the past with our line of interlocking ghost brick murals. These are large peel-and-stick wallpaper decals that look like sections of brick wall with a faded advertisement painted on them. We use premium decal media and high-resolution images to create attention-grabbing detail and a cool industrial vibe. The bricks have lighter and darker tones and realistic pitting and scuffing; and the "painted" artwork is colorful yet looks appropriately faded and weather-worn.

Custom Logo Faux Brick Ghost Sign Style Peel & Stick Mural

These murals are available in several large sizes (38" x 48", 48" x 60", and 72" x 48") and in vertical or horizontal orientations. We've created plain brick wall decals that match each orientation. The edges of all these murals and panels are designed to connect edge to edge for a seamless look. With a mix of murals and brick panels, you can easily build a "wall" that covers an entire room!

Custom Logo Faux Brick Peel & Stick Wall Mural

Like all our decals, these murals stick to most flat surfaces. And with their self-adhesive backing, they apply just like large stickers without any mess. No glue or water necessary! But we recommend that you have a partner handy when you put your mural up. (They are pretty big!)

Customize with Your Logo!

While we offer many great retro brick mural designs - Coca-Cola, barbecue, barber shop, and more - we can also turn your company logo or a favorite slogan into your own customized brick mural!

This is a great way to create unique wall decor for your business, and it's easy to order. Just send us the logo or slogan you want on the mural. We'll send you a proof to review, and then we'll print and ship your decal fast.

So when you're ready to make a big visual statement with our ghost brick murals, who you gonna call? RetroPlanet! Actually, you can easily order on our site; but call or email if you have any questions. We'll be glad to help you decorate a space with the nostalgic style of an old-time "ghost sign"!

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