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I really like them
These were easy to apply and stayed attached. I used them to make some midcentury modern switchplate covers. They turned out great.
Apr8l 17, 2018   From: KY  Verified Buyer  Recommended
Love these stickers
I used a sheet of them to turn a dull, ordinary white kitchen garbage can into something from The Jetsons. It looks great. One note about the instructions: They say that you should "cut as close to the stickers as possible," but that *doesn't* mean you have to carefully trim along each of the legs of the asterisks, for example. Just cutting around the sticker as a whole is fine and possibly better, because it lessens the chance of tearing during application.
July 27, 2017   Verified Buyer  Recommended
I used the great retro stickers to decorate my laptop and on my Kitchenaid mixer. I have a vintage kitchen and dining room. The great starburst stickers look appropriate decoration for the time period. They were very easy to apply and came with great directions. I am planning on getting more
August 15, 2016   From: Benton Il  Verified Buyer  Recommended
Drab to fab retro pole lamp
Used these to brighten up an otherwise drab "avocado green" retro pole lamp. Love it. Very easy to apply.
January 5, 2016   From: Louisville, Ky  Verified Buyer  Recommended
starburst stickers
they are really great and lots of fun !!!!!!!!! a real quality product!!!!!
December 22, 2015   From: Seffner ,FLA.  Verified Buyer  Recommended
Mid century touch to any room
Fantastic item. The decals are in an array of sizes, I used them on both my retro kitchen table to add a starburst flare & also to my refrigerator. They are great quality, would definitely recommend.
December 3, 2014   From: Lutz, FLORIDA, United States 
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