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Tiki Mugs
Great looking
July 2, 2020   From: VA  Verified Buyer  Recommended
RUST is not RED
These mugs are terrific in almost every way. They're sturdy enough, reasonably easy to clean, and are a great crowd pleaser whenever I have people over. I definitely recommend them. BUT TAKE NOTE: That one "red" mug isn't red, it's "rust" (they do say rust in the description). And when Retro Planet says rust, boy do they mean it. It just looks red by comparison when you have the right lighting and set it next to blue, green, and yellow mugs. I imagine people see that and just assume the fourth one is a true red. It definitely isn't. It's practically brown once you look at it by itself.
January 14, 2020   Verified Buyer  Recommended
Larger than life!
Great mugs all around. They're huge and hold a fair amount of drink and ice. I ordered a dozen of these in multiple colors and two (2) were damaged in transit. RetroPlanet was great in replacing them immediately for me. Within a week I had new ones in my hand. They only asked for pictures of the damaged ones for reference and that was it. In terms of cleaning I highly recommend getting a wand brush to clean since you can't reach in there and there's a lot of nooks and crevices that can trap particles. As long as you hand wash, air dry upside down and make sure not to play catch with them, they'll last you for years.
December 4, 2018   From: NY  Verified Buyer  Recommended
A Perfect Hostess Gift for a Tiki Party!
I packaged this set of 4 colorful Parrot Mugs along with a lovely Tiki cocktail book, a bottle of Capt. Morgan, a silk flower lei, and a straw hat, into a Hawaiian basket covered with cellophane and tied it with a Caribbean blue bow. It was a lovely gift for our dear friends. You can be proud to serve these large mugs at any gathering. They're adorable!
September 17, 2016   From: IL  Verified Buyer  Recommended
Very good parrot mugs. great price
I needed a lot of mugs for a gift, found these. The price was right nice and low, but I worried about quality. I was making a craft with them and had to draw on them, then bake the drawing on. I was worried they would crack in the oven, but they turned out great. Nice low cost mugs, and can stand oven temp! (I had to do 450degrees for an hour to bake on paint pen drawing) These mugs held up well (and got lots of great reviews from those who recieved them as gifts) I did buy a more expensive parrot mug from a tiki bar once and it was a thicker ceramic then these, but that cost a whole lot more and looks exactly the same (besides weight and thickness of course)
August 23, 2016   From: Ontario Canada  Verified Buyer  Recommended
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