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Purchase NYC Anthora Greek Diner Ceramic Coffee Cup 10 oz_D
  • NYC Anthora Greek Diner Ceramic Coffee Cup 10 oz_D

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The one and only Greek style disposable cup was originally designed in a Greek cafe in 1963 and has since been sold to delis and cafes in New York City at a tune of 180,000,000 per year. Now you can relive the excitement of the Big Apple every time you take a sip from this authentic-looking Greek Ceramic Cup. Just remember not to throw it away! (Note: This is one cup. Front and side of cup are shown in picture.)

  • 10 oz. Ceramic Cup
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Measures 3.25W x 4H Inches
Weight: 0.90 lbs

Top Review

Great Find
Love this cup. Not exactly practical but I am thrilled to have it in my collection!

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out of 5
5 (10)
4 (1)
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2 (1)
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Great Find
Love this cup. Not exactly practical but I am thrilled to have it in my collection!
November 29, 2018   From: Denver  Verified Buyer  Recommended
It even has the paper seam molded on the side so it feels like the paper version when you hold it, which is strangely gratifying. Love it!
October 24, 2018   From: AZ  Verified Buyer  Recommended
Fun cup, classic NYC
This ceramic version of one of the classic Sherri Cup "Anthora" is a fun gift for friends or family from New York City or anyone with Greek heritage. It even mentions "Solo" on the base, the current owner of the design. The 10 oz size seems small now for a cup of coffee, thanks to Starbucks - but these hold a hot cup very well despite the lack of an unsightly cup handle. I use mine every day.
November 20, 2017   From: CALIFORNIA  Recommended
Head Turner
Bought this coffee cup for work... Everyone loves it!
Apr16l 6, 2016   From: Boston MA  Verified Buyer  Recommended
Coffee just isn't…unless it's served in an
Daniel Edwards
Initially, I got this mug as sort of a novel gift for a coworker of mine and I but this mug has since become my go to cup for coffee on the go or at work. I highly recommend this mug for any New Yorker or one who appreciates nostalgia. Now , if only I could find the paper ones…the office would never be the same!
February 13, 2014   From: Long Beach , CA, USA 
So Lifelike...
...I'm afraid I'm going to forget it's ceramic and accidentally break it! (That's why I bought two!)I love these cups! They make me feel like I'm back home in Queens.
March 26, 2013   From: Up-the-River, NY, US 
Iconic NY Coffee Shop Cup
Allison F.
Just love these! Sturdy, well-made, and dead ringers for the paper ones old shops in my city use to this day. Fantastic!
December 25, 2012   From: NY, USA 
greel ci[
Barry Carpenter
I love the cup. It has the rolled edge that the top of these mug should have. The bottom is raised up like the original should have and it has the seam built in and it has a satin finish. All that make it great. The only neg is the light brown ink that says "we are happy to serve you". It looks faded but than again I have never seen the original cup but the color is no just like the photo.
May 24, 2011   From: carmichael, CA, 95608 
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February 23, 2011   From: New York, NY, MNkzGlkeyMsS 
Perfect Cup of Joe
Thick, sturdy ceramic and makes me totally nostalgic. Love serving coffee in these! Great retro pieces!
Apr37l 7, 2010   From: Chicago, IL 
Greek Diner
I lived in NYC most of my life when I saw these cups on your website I had to have them. They are as close to the originals as can be. wHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA.THANK YOU FOR HAVING THEM ON YOUR WEBSITE
March 4, 2010   From: ALBUQUERQUE, NM, USA 
Popular mug
Now that have one of these, I see them everywhere in movies and tv shows. I've gotten so many compliments on this cool coffee mug. thank RP!!
January 22, 2010   From: Boston, MA, USA 
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