Retro Phones & Pay Phones

Our retro phones can't surf the web and don't fit in your pocket, but they'll take you back to the good old days of rotary dials and party lines! These replica phones take their designs from actual models from yesterday. Chances are you had one of these cool phones in your own house or remember one that grandma used to own. We have 1930s style desk phones in classic black or red (perfect for the office); 1950s style pay phones, complete with coin slots, in several colors; and the oval Princess phone, popular with teenagers in the 1960s and 70s. More than just fun retro decorations, these are real, working phones. They plug into standard phone jacks, feature "rotary dials" with push button calling, and all your basic features like redial and volume control. The pay phone models include coin banks, so you can actually drop coins in the slots and retrieve them later! With their vintage look and modern functionality, these phones will delight most anyone on your retro gift list.