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Unique Retro Gifts: Milk Bottle Glasses

Mad Cow Milk BottleVintage style milk bottle glasses bring back memories of a time when the milkman delivered the goods right to your doorstep, and when milk came in glass bottles rather than plastic or cardboard containers.  The days of milk delivery are gone, but these fun glasses will add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen table.

Milk bottle glasses make unique gifts. Available in four humorous themes, their fun graphics and sleek shape make for a retro gift that will be enjoyed by everyone that remembers milk delivery – and even those who don’t!

Themes include:

Adults will enjoy the assorted humorous sayings and their appealing retro design will add nostalgia and whimsy to your kitchen décor.

Crazy Cat Lady Milk Bottle Glasses

Crazy Cat Lady Milk Bottle Glasses

Each box includes two 10-ounce drinking glasses. For a more unique gift, mix and match sets (and keep some for yourself).




Last updated: August 16, 2012
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