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Soda Pop of the Week: TruAde Noncarbonated Orange

TruAde Noncarbonated Orange

“A Better Beverage”

The beverage sold as Tru-Ade was actually a pasteurized, non-carbonated soft drink. It was made with concentrated fruit juice and was available in both orange and grape flavor. It was bottled in Washington, DC from 1942 to 1969, although they were headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In 1947, after the sugar shortages of WWII were behind them, the management at Tru-Ade, Inc. decided to get into the cup vending business. They designed and had manufactured a vendor called the Tru-Ade Cup Dispenser. Tru-Ade seems to have gone out of business some time in the 1970s.

Tru-Ade is no longer available as far as I can determine, but there are an awful lot of people who’ve left posts all over the Internet asking where they can find some. It must have been a delicious drink!

Tru-Ade, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

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  • Bob

    I remember drinking it as a kid back in the 50′s in Rhode Island.  Glad to hear it’s making a comeback.  Hope it makes it to New Hampshire.

  • jethro

    Mark – although not as popular, TruAde Grape was bottled and sold in NC/SC for years.  Coming in spring, 2012, TruAde Grape will magically reappear again, along with TruAde Sugar Free Lemonade. 

  • Dsstack

    You can get Tru Ade in some areas. Now it is just in North Carolina and South Carolina.
    It is available in some store along the coast and a few other places for now. It is making a come back. Yeah for Tru Ade

  • MMangum

    Found Tru-ade in a grocery store in Morehead City, NC. I was shocked to see it but I bought 2- 2 litre bottles and it was just as good as I remembered from many, many years back.

  • Sabernethy1969

    I found true ade orange at my local IGA in newton nc

  • Cyealater

    Tru Ade is available in Greenville SC

  • Jwheeler

     Is  Tru-ade still available in Hillsborough, nc?

  • jethro

     yes – it’s been in Hillsborough since april, 2011.

  • jethro

    ok, kids – TruAde Grape and TruAde Sugar Free Lemonade are on the market in select NC/SC areas.  look for it in 2L & 20oz bottles and 12oz cans (12pak).  see posts above on where to find it.  the brand owners have refreshed the graphics – looks great – and plan to expand distribution into other southeastern states.

  • Jwheeler

     Can you tell me some of the places I can find it? I have searched Food Lions to no avail.

  • Jules

    HI Jethro! I am in South Florida trying to find TruAde Orangeade down here … any suggestions as to where we can buy it locally?  Or, if not, any suggestions as to where we can buy it and have it shipped down here?
    GREATLY appreciate any suggestions you can offer. :-)

  • Joedavidsparks

    jethro, where can I buy some tru ade? I live in the near Boone, NC.

  • Avansciver

    We were doing some digging around the GFWC Brooksville Woman’s Club (Florida) and dug up a Tru-ade bottle, in perfect shape.

  • Redsox

    Is it available in Richmond virginia

  • Pfzim

    Hi, I am a native Washingtonian and a child of WW2. We drank TruAde almost every day in the DC area. It was available in all the grocery stores, gas station soda chillers, etc. TruAde was my favorite and yes, there was  a grape flavor (they could have left that one off the shelves. The story about being a Chicago co. is true (or TRUADE). I have some of the old bottles from the 50′s and they say Bottled in Washington, DC (or Raliegh or Richmond or wherever) under license by TruAde Company, Elgin Ill.
    Hope you find this interesting. We were traveling in SC a couple of weeks ago and found TruAde on the shelves at PigglyWiggly. Bought a trunkload !! 

  • Janiebp

    I wrote the company, Aug 15, 2012, that makes TruAde, Carolina Canners, Cheraw, SC This is what she said:
    “Thank you for your interest in TruAde.  At this time we have limited distribution on our TruAde flavors, you can find them in the following markets in NC and SC:
    Asheville, NC Hickory, NC Greenville SC Bennettsville SC Florence SC Roxboro NC Greenville, NC /New Bern/Morehead City/Jacksonville NC . In any of these markets you will be able to find TruAde in most grocery and convenience stores including Food Lion, Wal Mart, BiLo, Harris Teeter, etc. “

  • Dee P

    I worked  at a Tru Ade Bottling Co. for a brief period in Atlantic City, NJ back in the 1950′s. You couldn’t find a better non carbonated soft drink, I preferred the grape. And it seems tru ade  just completely disappeared from this area.

  • Jwheeler

     I found it at the Food Lion in Hillsborough, NC but only in 2 L bottles. Still…it is the same great taste that I remember.

  • Alicia Daniel

    Is the orange flavor the same color and flavor it used to be? My parents are in a heated debate over this.

  • tru-ade DISCIPLE

    i  PRAYED!! to this beverage all my life, until the early 80s’ when i last got some in culpeper, va. i’m THRILLED to hear tru-ade is back!! i live in olney, md which has a harris-teeter! i’m HOPING to find it in there!!  TRU-ADE  ‘SMOKED’ ALL OTHER CARBONATED BEVERAGES AND SOFT DRINKS!!  it was truly the  ‘JESUS’ of “soft drinks”!!!!!!!!  -hopefully, it still tastes the same!!

  • Cecelia

    Where can I purchase buyTru Ade in Richmond,Va ?

  • http://twitter.com/ChristinaSees TiNy TiNa*

    Hi Ajkj22!!! I’m not sure if you’re actually reading this comment but I really want to know more about this Tru-Ade and the bottling plant in Pennsauken. Can you send me an email at cmsees@gmail.com?

  • Nancylee

    Tru-Ade was THE bottled “soda” pop for me growing up in the ’50′s and ’60′s. Orange was THE flavor (my horse loved it, too!). It also came in grapefruit flavor, which was also great! I mourned the passing of this fabulously refreshing drink… nothing tasted as good on a really hot summer day. One of the best parts… you could drink it down when really cold and not get the “full” feeling of a carbonated beverage — just really refreshed. Headed to NC in a couple of weeks and will be looking for the new version. Hope it has the rich, real orange taste of the original!

  • jethro

    tru-ade fans – several more areas of NC will get to enjoy great tasting tru-ade products soon if not right now: west jefferson, nc, elizabeth city, nc and the outer banks, and wilmington, nc. woo hoo!

  • CB

    We have it here in Brevard, NC and its almost everywhere around WNC. Just bought a couple cases to take up to Baltimore when I go back up.

  • RobbyJ

    It was delicious. And the colder the better.

  • Carolyn

    Where in Carpentersville, IL was TruAde located?

  • James

    I live in Charleston South Carolina and would like to know where I can find true a great and orange non carbonated drinks.

  • Ken

    I remember drinking TruAde as a kid in the 60′s and 70′s.I live in southern Va about an hours drive from Roxboro.I recently purchased both the orange and grape versions.The grape is smooth and refreshing but the orange dont taste like the ones when I was a kid.It’s ok but the color is more of a light yellow and the taste is watered down to me.The Crush brand (in the bottles) comes close like the old ones (but is carbonated) but dont have that smooth taste.I miss the old Nehi’s.Most soft drinks today dont taste like they use to.TruAde is worth looking for and yes,I will still bring home a case of orange as well as the grape across the state line.

  • Ken

    I think the grape version is.As for the orange,It taste ok and I enjoy the flavor.The recent ones I tried seems the color is towards the light yellow side and the taste also seems lighter or watered down some.I can taste the fruits but the orange taste/color is less pronounched from the ones when I was younger.The Crush brand (in glass bottles) taste and color reminds me some of the TruAde of yesteryear but is carbonated and not as smooth in taste.Crush’s grape version takes a back seat to TruAde’s new grape version.To sum up,TruAde’s orange version color/flavor is lighter.Take all this with a grain of salt.Those that are 50+ (including me) will not all agree.Do ask your parents this question.Does soft drinks from brands when they were young taste the same today?