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Peppo Soda (Mr. Pibb, Pibb Xtra)

Peppo Soda Bottle CapIn the early 1970s, The Coca-Cola Company looked to create a soft drink that could compete with the very successful Dr Pepper. It was a soft drink made up of 23 different flavors, called Peppo.

You may know Peppo soda under it’s newer name, Mr. Pibb. It was changed in 1972 due to a lawsuit filed against Coca-Cola by Dr Pepper which claimed the name Peppo was too close to Dr Pepper. (This wasn’t the first lawsuit Dr Pepper had filed against the manufacturer of Coke – it had sued in 1951 asserting that 5-cent Cokes were sold below cost and were a restraint of trade.)

In 2001 a new formula was introduced that added a cinnamon flavor, named Pibb Xtra. Mr. Pibb has since been phased out, despite many modern fountains still labeled with the old Mr. Pibb logo..

The Coca-Cola Co.
1 Coca-Cola Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia

Have you ever seen a bottle of Peppo? What do you think about the newer formula that created Pibb Xtra?

Last updated: October 22, 2012
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  • Francis

    how would someone figure out how much some Peppo drinks are worth/

  • Peytonreb32

    I don’t know but I have one in mint condition

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609964098 Damien J O’Brien

    ^^ antique Dealership

  • Karen

    What would you take for it Peyton?

  • 2peppo

    Do you still have this Peppo soda in your possession?

  • TheLight

    I used to like Mr. Pibb but not sure I like the sound of the reformulation. I have had cinnamon soda from independent soda makers before, but that was pure cinnamon flavor with no other flavors added and although it was an interesting diversion from the same old, same old, it wasn’t something I would drink on a regular basis. If the new formula has a taste that is too far removed from Dr. Pepper, then I likely will order something else.