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Soda Pop of the Week: Mohr Brothers Soda

“Fine Flavor Means Mohr”

The Mohr Brothers Bottling Co. was started in 1902 by Edward, Henry and William Mohr, as well as their brother-in-law, James Faurot. It began by supplying beverages to candy stores and social events, like ice cream socials and outdoor events. Later their market was mainly taverns and grocery stores, but they also sold cases of soda to church functions and other organizations.

Through the years, Mohr Bros. stuck to its line of old fashioned flavors, like root beer, ginger ale, lime, orange, blood orange, cherry, grape, cream, strawberry, grapefruit, lemon-lime and cola. Most likely, the bottlecap we have featured here for Pic-Up soda is for a lemon-lime soda, the Mohr Bros. version of 7-Up.

Mohr Bros. was sold in 1983 to John Kolb, who was formerly with Vernors, Inc. Richard Mohr, whose grandfather was one of the original founders, stayed on as company president. The company was renamed the Kolb Beverage Company and was selling a total of 16 flavors at that time.

Richard Mohr eventually bought the company back from Kolb. Mohr had a reputation for being very hands-on with the business. He could be seen on the factory floor in work clothes, mixing the soda flavors by hand, referring to the recipe book containing the company’s 80-year-old formulas. Richard Mohr had started working at Mohr Bros. in 1940 at the age of 14. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 75. There is no further mention of the bottling company after his death, so I doubt they are still in operation.

The Mohr Brothers Bottling Co.
Toledo, Ohio

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  • Sue

    This was such a neat place to go and buy all kinds of sodas. I remember it as a child living in Toledo, Ohio.

  • Steve McKenzie

    It was GREAT, I was just telling my wife how the flavors were so much “vibrabt ” then what we get now, maybe it is just my age, LOL.

  • Dion Wilson

    Mohr’s was awesome. I remember as a kid and even into my twenties driving down to Lagrange St. to select a case of soda, and then having to return the bottles. My favorite soda they made was Blood Orange! Nothing has ever come close! It places like Mohrs or even The Pop Shoppe that I long for again. I loved you could mix and match your selections.

  • Kathy Z.

    I and a friend of mine…….are also fondly remembering Mohr Bros. Pop and especially Blood Orange. What a wonderful flavor…..nothing now even comes close. We had Mohr Bros. at every event at grade school in Toledo,Oh. Their grape and cream soda were also spectacular.
    Very fond memories. Always wondered if anyone had the original recipes and could start making these again. They probably would be a hit even today!

  • Joseph Mohr

    Richard Mohr was my father and I grew up in that factory,working there starting at age 13!!! I am currently looking for ANY memorabilia and pre 60′s bottles as much of mine was lost during a move.And….Also,I do have several of my dad’s recipe booksand they are priceless to me…

  • Rick Mohr

    Uncle Dick was a great man. I stopped by several times in the 90′s just to “shoot the shit” with your dad! I drive by the old place often and wonder if there is still the old equipment in the place. My boys…12 and 9, think it would be awesome to start a pop company! Any idea on the current owners?


  • Joan King

    To Mohr family, I have a bottle. I have no idea the age or where it came from. It is a heavy clear glass bottle that says “The Mohr Bros. Bottling Company” Toledo, Oh. Patten des. no. 70215 This bottle not to be sold. Registered contents 7 fl oz. It has a really neat design. If you would like it, please get with me. labrat2121@yahoo.com

  • Heady2722

    I lived next to mohr bros on palmer st in North Toledo. I use to pick up garbage around the building for a bottle of soda;best creme soda i ever had by far.i did it for so long that he gave me a whole wooden crate full of the stuff.i still have the vintage wooden crate to this day.He was a very nice person

  • Troy

    I found an old bottle the other day. It says mohr bros. Did my research and found this sight. If you would like the bottle reply back to reedt36@gmail.com I live in the Toledo area. Troy PS- The bottle was found in a creek and is in three parts just the way I found it.

  • Gpsprice

    Type your comment here. I was in Toledo this week working anong the CSX rai;rod and the digging crew uncovered a Mohn bottle in good shape after I got it back here to TN and cleaned it up. It has a green tint to the bottle and I assume it is old. I will be glad to email you a photo if you can give me some history about a date. gpsprice@aol.com

  • Leejesse86

    I have a 32 oz. Lime Mohr soda bottle, I’m not sure what year but i would send you a picture if you give me an email adress.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ymikolajek Yolanda Mikolajek

    pat# 70215 9 fl oz, green tinted color. not for sale etc….. written on this bottle. it is in mint condition. i live in toledo area. can you tell me anything about it or even value?

  • Dude420here

    I just bought a old wooden box of the Mohr Brothers Beverages.Is this something you would be interested in your collection?

  • Smull

    I have some old large Mohr Bros. clear bottles if interested, please let me know.

  • Julia

    hi i just found a bottle could u tell me did this person looking for one ever reply   i will give email address but please put mohr bottle in subject line if email me. thank u   julia

  • Julia

    hi joseph, i just bought  one of your bottles at an antique shop and could you tell me something
    about it   its clear with the name embossed on it, 9 oz, with the patent no. on it also.  this is interesting.  i didn’t know of this company. i live pri 50 miles from toledo. are you still interested in it?  julia

  • Pclark317

    I have a Mohr Brother Bottle that I think is very old. It said it was registered and made in Toledo Ohio. I think maybe early 1900s…..

  • Tony

    My dad was the treasurer for our Cub Scout Pack, when I was a Cub.  Rosary Cathedral, Pack 39.  One of his duties was to go over to Mohr Brothers once a month for our Pack meeting and pick up several cases of their soda. I would usually go with him. I cannot recall many of their flavors but the cream soda was out of this world. 

  • Leotagibbs

    my son found one in our attic… he was wandering what they are worth

  • Bryan Wagner

    I grew up loving Mohr Brothers cream soda. Later my brother Charles was friends with a Joe Mohr.

  • Ronald Wolniewicz

    I loved Mohr Bros. soda. The easiest way to buy it was driving down to Lagrange St., pull inside the building and you would just say your order and they would load for you. At the plant it was sold by the case, bottles only no cans. The pop was great and very reasonably priced.  The problem was no can pop and Coke and Pepsi’s marketing put others out of business. Variety Club was on Monroe St. near 14th and it closed around the same time. O how I miss the flavors of Mohr Bros.

  • Larryhanlon

    Joseph I have a VERY early bottle from the Mohr Bottling Company (probably 1940′s-1950′s.  If I was guaranteed that it would not be sold I would gladly donate it to you.  Let me know here and we can make further arrangements, regards, Larry

  • guest

     do you still have your bottle?  would possibly be interested in it – if you still have it – I did not know about the Mohr bottling Co. but our last name is Mohr and thought it would be neat to have a bottle with our last name on it – thanks

  • P J Mohr

    Oue last name is Mohr and I really wanted to purchase a large old seltzer bottle that says “Mohr Bros”.  My husband and I collect vintage seltzer bottles, and again, our last name is Mohr.  Please let me know, this would be a great gift for my husband and his birthday is just around the corner!

  • P J Mohr

    Anyone that would like to sell a Mohr Brothers Seltzer bottle, I would love to purchase it.  Our last name is Mohr and I thought it would be great to add to our seltzer bottle collection.

  • P J

    How exciting. Please let me know how to contact you.

  • P J

    Do you still have the Mohr cleat bottle?  I would really like to purchase it if you do.  My name is P J Mohr.  Thank you!

  • P J

    Would you like to sell your Mohr bottle?  My last name is Mohr and I would really like to have this for my husband.  You can contact me at Carnepapa@aol.com.  Thank you

  • P J

    I’m looking for a large old Mohr seltzer bottle.  If you have one and/or would like to sell it, please contact me at Carnepapa@aol.com  Thank you

  • lin wo

    Heady, I was doing some research for a family member and saw your message. I used to live on Lagrange St, my mom had Irene’s Beauty Shop at 2617. I don’t know if you remember all of that. Hell, we all grew up in the 40-’60s….and I’m trying to remember the root beer! lol. My mom used to cut hair for everyone in the neighborhood. Fond memories of the old ‘hood. (no pun intended). Lin Wodarski Dorton

  • Orange3815

    Looking for an old newspaper ad for Mohr Brothers

  • Laranga

    Joseph I have a bottle it is in prestine shape, shoot me an email envisionlaranga@gmail.com