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The Toastmaster Super De Luxe Toaster with Power Action (1953)

Comparing costs from the 1950s with the 2010s based on inflation alone isn’t exactly perfect. Just like today, new technologies were viewed as luxury items and introductory prices reflected this.

The automatic pop-up toaster was first introduced in 1926, but manual toasters maintained popularity well into the ’50s, mostly due to costs.

Take a look at this 1953 ad for the Toastmaster Super De Luxe Toaster that actually “takes the bread right of your fingers!”

Toastmaster Super De Luxe Toaster 1953

The original Super De Luxe featured a gold signature on the front.


The toaster’s “Power-Action” didn’t come cheap. At $27.50, the Super De Luxe was a gift of luxury – that’s equivalent to $235 in 2012 dollars.

Toady, the original Super De Luxe is a collector’s item that many prefer to put to use. In 1954, Toastmaster removed the gold signature on the front and used an incised signature.

Last updated: September 15, 2013
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  • ShellBill7

    My Gram had this toaster <3