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Three Stooges Quotes Revisited: What Are Your Favorites?

The Three Stooges

I wrote a blog a while back asking for what you think are the best Three Stooges lines ever. With the movie coming out soon I thought maybe I would feature the blog again and ask you to chime in, so let ‘em rip.

So, if you missed this post way back when, here is your chance to let everyone know your favorite Three Stooges lines.

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Three Stooges Movie Quotes



Last updated: April 6, 2012
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  • Js

    Classic! They alway made people laugh

  • Queen_Hotsy_Totsy

    Curly (in “Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise”): “It brings out the wood nymph in me.”
      LOLOLOL!!!!  The Stooges are on over 20 times a week in my area and I watch every one that I possibly can!!!
      It’s really cool how the more times you watch them, the funnier they get!!!
      I laugh out loud, every time!!!  LOL!!!