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The Frolics at Salisbury Beach

I know this is more of a New England topic but I found these old pictures of “The Center” in Salisbury Beach and could not resist. My Father took these probably in the 1950s.

The Center at Salisbury Beach

The Center at Salisbury Beach

The Center at Salisbury Beach in Salisbury MA was the place to be. Me and my friends spent many a weekend down the beach.

The Frolics

The Frolics

The Frolics was the typical summer venue, thousands of artists were featured there over 40 plus years. Everyone from Frank Sinatra to Aerosmith.

The Frolics

The Frolics

Roller Coaster at Salisbury Beach

Roller Coaster at Salisbury Beach

The Center isn’t quite what it used to be, the Wooden Coaster and the beautiful Carousel are gone, but it is still a good place to play pinball at Joe’s Playland and grab a slice at Tripoli Pizza.

Ferris Wheel at Salisbury Beach

Ferris Wheel at Salisbury Beach

Kiddie Boat Ride at Salisbury Beach

Kiddie Boat Ride at Salisbury Beach

If you have any memories of Salisbury Beach or the Frolics please share them here.

Last updated: August 14, 2012
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  • James M

    I was a member of the group The Fascinators,who worked at the 5′O Clock club.in the 60s.Does anyone remember them?

  • Brian B

    I worked at Shaheens for about 4 years and loved every minute of it. I worked primarily with Paul and David Golzbein who ran the games and several of the rides including the Go Kart track and the Haunted House. The Golzbein’s now run the Old Orchard Beach Pier up in Maine. The posts here have brought back a lot of memories and all of them good. Its a shame that the place is fading as it was the center of my universe back then. My condolances to the family of Bob Salter. He was an awesome guy and you could just stand there for hours watching him do his thing. By the way does anybody know what happened to Stephanie (worked with Diane – I went to highschool with her) or Fireball Jack or Shi*house Jack?

    One of my fondest memories was working in the Haunted House. Used to work in the Piano room and also the be the Chainsaw guy in the coffin at the end. It was such a blast to scare the living daylights out of folks. One year I ended up going with the Golzbein’s on the road to do the Fair circuit. Ended up doing the Topsfield Fair and a few others.

    Thanks to everyone who shared a memory. Definately brought me back to a time that has my fondest memories!

  • james gregson

    My grandfather used to own the Frolics and as he got sick with cancer the place went down hill and ultimately closed. I was only about 18 when things went sour for the place and neither my family members, nor I, had the foresight to save some or any of the memorabelia from those great times in our lives. Please if you know anyone who has anything from the night club please email me. jamesgregson@ymail.com.

  • anna Vaughan

    My family and I went to the beach,every summer,when I was a little girl to my twenties.I remember the wooden roller coaster,the huge ferris wheel and the merry go round.There was also a rollerskating ring,where the pavilion is,they also had a swimming pools,big and little.I remember the frolics, I saw Johnny Mathis,three times,The Kingston Trio for not alot of money. There was also a drive in movie theater on beach road. My dad, would always say ,that he would give ten cents,to whoever saw the roller coaster first. I remember Bob Salter. When he found out ,my daughters lost their father at ayoung age he was very good to them. I also remember The Peppermint Lounge and the Five o clock Club. I love Salisbury Beach

  • Sharon Kelley

    My grandparents had a cottage at Seabrook Beach (next to the catholic church). Spent every summer there until I was 15. Loved going to Salisbury Beach. I remember fondly all the great amusement rides. Loved the Merry Go Round and the Tilt a Whirl followed by ice cream cones or Black moons at Wyllys across the street. I can still smell the batter friend clams and onion rings and the Tripoli Pizza. Remember going to The Frolics to see Frankie Avalon and Paul Anka. Grandparents and parents are gone but those wonderful memories live on. I even brought my two sons there when they were small. To this day I get a wonderful sense of peace when I am near the ocean and it all goes back to those great years.

  • Bill

    I have fond memories myself. I was a little kid in the late ‘60s and my dad used to take me to the arcade by the building “with the big clown” on top. It’s where I first played pinball. I also remember the kiddie rides and a coin-op ride within the arcade that looked like an Apollo rocket (that was cool stuff in the ‘60s!).

    My parents divorce and I recall my dad telling me on the phone the clown burned down in a fire. I was out of state then and felt saddened.

    Circa 1980 – I recall summertime vacation as a teenager going on rides at Shaheen’s and eating fried clams and onion rings. How about the old Pirate ride?! My cousin set me up with her friend and we double-dated. Life really seemed simple then. It’s probably just the stage in your life that seems simple.

    I was at Salisbury Beach two days ago (8/29) to watch what was left of “Danny” hit the coast. Not much recognizable of the old place I knew. The condo people are there now.

  • Laurie Smith

    Bob Salter – “The Himalaya Guy” – was my uncle. He was the “king” of the Himalaya ride for years and years. He passed away in April 2009.

  • Cheryle

    I grew up in Salisbury Beach. I stayed on Shea St . As a child my Uncle Lyn worked at the flying Horses and took me to work and I would ride the horses and boats for hours. Madam Jean was a friend of my Grandmother, Florice for many years. One of my school friends was Candy Foote (best onion rings and steak hoagies) The owners of the Spaghetti house knew me well as a child. As a teenager I went to the Frolics every weekend. The Himalaya was my favorite ride…lol I think all the teenage girls had a crush on a particular young man (can’t remember his name) My dad took me there during a visit to Mass. about seven years ago…As a little girl Salisbury Beach looked huge but as an adult, it seemed so small. My dad told me it was because I remember it from the eyes of a little girl…I did enjoy a slice of pizza from Tripoli’s (plain with a slice of cheese…mmm) I had many fond memories. The smells have always stayed with me…cotton candy, fried clams, onion rings, candy apples, salt water taffy. The sounds of the clubs, Kon Tiki, Pepperment Lounge, Tic Toc. What wonderful memories!!!!!

  • himalayaportmamma

    I loved the Himalaya ride and the great music that I often heard when I was on this awesome ride. It was great when it went backwards. Do you wanna go a litter faster, I can’t hear you. What a blast it was!

    There is a new venue at the old Pavillion building that hopes to attract big name acts. It plans on opening next month. Hope it succeeds. We could use a great local place to go instead of treking to Boston.

  • david m stone

    I know the history of The Frolics and I don’t believe that Frank Sinatra ever actually appeared there.During the 40′s.50′s and 60′s there were always rumors abound that “Frank was coming thuis year”,but Frank never did come.If anyone has information to the contrary along with actual dates I would like to see the information posted.Until the,my thinking is that he just never came.

  • Donna Tillotson-Riggs

    I was married at the Frolics 1977 1/2 the Black Sheep were there along with salisbury beach….I was a cocktail waitress then and saw some awesome bands. I now live in St Louis area and the James Montgomery Band (Living for the weekend) that use to play at the Frolics plays in ST L. lots of memories… Meatloaf , (ITMB)the Incredible Two Man Band was the greatest show…. that punk rock band the Ramones got a gig there…that time of life it is hard to remember all that happened there ….the hell angels use to be the bouncers, so any guy giving you crap as a waitress could very easily get tossed out the side door into the ocean for being a pain in the butt…Teddy was a cool dude and John McDonough had the driest sense of humor I can remember. They both were good to all the locals…. is Debbie Beauettie (bo Ettie)??/around???Lisha, Lisa, when beers were 90 cents and drinks were a $1.10…Teddy would have the back bar set up and Steve Mc Donough worked the cash register…. Tracy with the long hair lived on the beach…, Dick had the club up front..then headed to the keys marathon and opened the dock side bar anyone got any questions or comments I’d be glad to help 800-492-9838
    the blizzard of 78 burrrrrr

  • Bob

    When we got our drivers license in ’69 we could not wait to motor on down to the “center”. Gas was cheap enough and who cared if you had to circle the rotary at least 30-40 times to get a spot so you could jump out and get a slice. Even as a youngster when the family was eating salami, tomatoes, and tripoli’s bread out on the beach, I would wander around looking inside all the clubs because they always had their doors wide open…..wow what a world have I got waiting for me when I become of age I would say. I couldn’t wait! Teenage years found me walking the center for hours trying (and probably failing) to look oh so coooool. Who cared…I was at Salisbury Beach…the best place on earth! Time would pass so quickly. I knew I was at least as cool as the guy running the Himalaya ride. (yea right). When you could walk with 500 ski ball tickets hanging like a scarf around your neck you knew you had arrived. And yes…I could now get into those clubs! Remember how I said earlier that I would sneak peeks thru the open doors and see what awaited me? Now I wander about time passed so quickly and sit on a faded bar stool, looking out the door this time and ponder what the world outside still has ahead for us all. God Bless Salisbury beach!

  • Rick

    The condo people have taken over the center. The only problem is nobody is buying the places due to the economy. I was at the beach a dozen times during 09 and the crowds were minimal except on weekend days. At night, Hampton had most of the activity, but I had my steak and cheese on the corner and a few beers.

  • Ron

    I really enjoyed reading memories of Salisbury Beach. I am from Michigan and I came to Salisbury Beach in 1971. I was supposed to work at a seafood restaurant owned by a guy named Bill. He had already hired all his summer help and he referred me to Shaheen’s Fun-O-Rama. I started out working the games with Sandman and eventually worked the Bubble Bounce. I was in charge of the music in the park and every time I hear Maggie Mae it brings me back. It was definitely the best summer I can remember. I had a room in a motel where some other workers lived too- can’t remember the name anymore. Ate meals at a restaurant next to Tripoli’s pizza and then stopped at Joe’s Playland for a few games before going to work. After work we would ride the Wildcat every night and then hang out on the beach. It was a wonderful place to be for a 19 year old kid from Michigan- lots of girls! I have some pictures of my summer that I would like to share. They are at:


    They were only going to be open on weekends after Labor Day so I decided to go home. But I always have wanted to go back and I am going to try to make it back this summer. Thanks for all the good memories!

  • Pat

    Wow – what fond memories this brings back! In the late 50′s my mom would scrimp and save every penny she could so that we could spend her week’s vacation every summer at Hampton Beach. The summer that I was 14 there was a young guy who worked the beach umbrella/beach toy rental desk at the hotel where we stayed and he asked my mom if he could take me to the Frolics in Salisbury to see Frankie Avalon!! After much deliberation she said yes, and it’s something I will never forget. I still have the photo that the club photographer took of us there, the photo is still in pretty good shape after 50 years!!!

  • Tony

    When I think of Salisbury Beach, I think of the Peppermint Lounge back in the 1970′s. Mac’s Mob played there 6 or 7 nights a week. That’s when music was music. There was nothing like listening to a funky 10-piece band, with a four piece horn section, blowing your head off . . . . .

  • Tom

    My family owned a cottage on the beach so I grew up there every summer of my life until I was an adult and moved out. A lot of my memories there are of course of my first love. OK, first few loves, lol I also worked on the Himalaya, but at the end when they were taking it down. So, I then took my “talents” over to the Flying Bobs. Another ride similar to the Himalaya, but the cars tilted on their side rather than cars on a track. Almost impossible to jump on as they went by but we did! Only at slow speeds though. Also did a couple of summers at Willy’s Candy Shop and became a pinball wiz from working in the arcades. With all of these memories I’m reading, does anyone remember Thursday nights being “Date Night”? Girls would ride for free if they had a date. As a permanent summer resident there I always remember “Orphan’s Day” , a Saturday in August when about a dozens orphanages would be bussed to a closed center and the orphans got everything free all day. Me and my cousins would sneak in and pretend we were orphans for the free rides, food and a bag of toys at the end of the day. I still visit my old employees up there and still have the cottage. Not even close to as good as it used to be up there. Greed and mismanagement ruined it forever! Would love to run into one of my girlfriend’s from the day. We were teens in the 70′s, lying on the beach listening to AM radio..Rick Don’t Lose That Number, Brandi, 10CC’s I’m Not In Love…Paul Anka’s Having My Baby…wow what memories.

  • Frank Froman

    I spent many years as a kid in Salsy. For a while, we owned a dozen small cottages called the White Caps and The Tides, and rented them out. When I was 14 and could work, I sold ice cream on the beach…hoodsies, fudgicles, popsicles and push-ups for a dime each.

    But the best job was running the merry-go-round. There were several rides around it…boats, a small train for kiddies, and the fun house near the tilt-a-whirl that were run by Louis and Sarah Rogers. All this happened around 1957.

    Saw some great performances at the Frolics…The McGuire Sisters and Gogi Grant were there. Dave Lester, who rented from us, was the band leader and used to get me in for the shows.

    We’ve revisted Salsy many times, and miss the attractions that were such a wonderful part of life.

  • http://unclegriff@gmail.com Griff

    I remember the Kon Tiki Lounge (I was in the house band – Bethlehem Steel – the summer of ’72) Ginnie and Ronnie were the owners. It used to get hotter than blazes in that bar some nights. I used to go over to the roller coaster on breaks and the attendant used to let me ride it for 20 minutes to cool off.

    Mac’s Mob played the Peppermint Lounge. It was so long ago.

  • http://kman61352965560@aol.com Johnny DaSilva

    Salisbury beach was the greatest. I loved the rockets I remember losing my change as the rockets spun around.
    I loved the sound of the Harley Davidsons this was an era that was unforgettable

  • Rex White

    I worked at the Bowery with my band “High Street Carnival” i(n the early 70′s. 9 piece horn band). Mac’s Mob was at the Peppermint. Six nights plus Sat afternoon!. We lived upstairs from the club. Food was mostly from Lena’s Subs across the street. The ocean was real cold and Wednesday was Prince spagetti day.
    It was great! Money for nothing and the chix for free! That ain’t workin’

  • Tom

    So who went to the reunion last week end? I thought is was Saturday and was up there but sadly found out Sweet Pie was walking around the night before…..lol

  • http://www.jpasqualemusic.com James Pasquale

    I was born in Salisbury Beach October,1940 in our family home. My father owned “The Club Royal”
    I was introduced to the Frolics at a very young age. I saw a lot of great shows during my younger years,then all hell broke lose,my parent divorced and I was shipped off to Mississippi to live with my mother. Memories how great they are,the beach,the dodgem, the rollercoaster, pizza , pepper steak off the grill,penny arcade’s, wow what a great childhood I had
    Jimmy P.

  • Pamela (Boone) Gray

    I have wonderful memories of Salisbury Beach! I was born in Lawrence, Mass and so was my Dad. We lived between there and where my Mom was from in Virginia as a kid. My Grandmother would get a cottage at Salisbury Beach every summer for a month and she would take me and my two cousins. I was so excited on the trip there. When we started to smell the ocean and see the billboard signs, I could hardly contain myself. I remember lying awake in the cottage at night listening to the ocean and smelling the wonderful beach smells. In the mornings my Grandmother and Aunt would make breakfast and we would all get together and have a special meal. Then my cousins and I would go out onto the beach and stay most of the day. The ocean was freezing and the waves were huge, it seems, but we would slowly inch our way into the water. We would walk down to the Black Rocks (we were not supposed to go there). Then my Grandmother would give each of us a fifty cent piece and we would head off to the Center. I loved it – it was magical! I have never had pizza that tasted the same since and the smells of the food (cotton candy, cheese stead sandwiches, fried clams, hot dogs, etc.) still stay with me. I especially remember the “laughing lady.” She had a very haunting laugh. We always went into the the haunted house and walked over rickety boards and rubber walkways and went through the spinning barrel. And, of course, the distorted mirrors! It smelled musky in there – I can still smell that smell. We would stay there all day and ride the ferris wheel (my cousin would rock it back and forth and scare me to death), the tilt-a-whirl, roller coaster, dodge-ems and all the other rides. The merry-go-round was one of my favorite rides, there was something very special about that particular mery-go-round. It was relocated somewhere here in California.
    We played skee ball for hours. The Center seemed so big then – all consuming as a child. That was 45 years ago – I have lived in California since 1962. My son and I visited Mass a couple of years ago for the first time since I left, and, of course, I took him to Salisbury Beach. It was so nostalgic being there and I had such mixed feelings of excitement and sadness. It seems so small now and very different but I was so glad it was still there! I want to go back again to bring back feelings of long ago. I miss it so much.

  • Polly

    Oh the good old days! I was scared to death of that roller coaster!

  • Melanie Forzese

    I worked at Sneakers in Salisbury in 1990 and loved it! I have often wondered if Trip Wire, Bret and Amy (sorry forgot your last names) are still around. Amy you loved on top of the store where the house looks like a pizza pie. Bret you worked with me there and I remember you always played guitar. Also if anyone knows if anyone else that worked there is still around I would love to get together. It was by far my favorite job and think about the great times I had back then.

  • IamLiam

    Hi Donna my uncle John mcdonough also Steve mcdonough is my uncle. Thanks

  • Karen

    Oh the summer of 1980, I fell in love with a guy from Worcester MA.. I remembering him coming up too me and he asked me too go on the rides with him. I was so scared but he was so darn cute that I said yes. That was the best week of my life.. We saw each other after our vacation was over, but we lost touch after time. I do still think of him, even 30 years have past, he still is my first LOVE… I will always Love you Danny King

    Karen Martin
    Lowell, MA

  • Lane Lacoy

    My friend and I would thumb from Wallis Sands to Salisbury Beach during the summers in the 60′s….loved the rollercoaster…would hit The Bowery and Peppermint Lounge and on special occasions go to the Frolics….Abbe Lane/Xavier Cugat, Paul Anka, Louis Armstrong…it was a great place!

  • RON

    i have a couple of pics of your coaster.check frolics

  • DannyKing

    KarenrnMy love-my long lost love. I cant believe its been 30 years-do you remember when we kissed on the himalaya going backwards and the man said “Do you want to go real fast, real real fast and we threw up from the onion rings from Seals. What about our midnight talks under the Pier listening to Max Mob playing at the 5:00 club. I love you Karen MartinrnDanny King

  • Paula

    do not know about ‘Frank Sinatra but would you be willing to post all of your information about the frolics. I remember going to a show there probably in the mid sixties…there had been a blizzard and they were not many of us there except the performers, I remember Chad and Jereny, The Young Rascals. there were several other performers that I can not remember but if you have any information about that show it would be great.

  • Paula

    I was in class with Eddie Foote Candy’s brother….went to school at Salisbury Memorial then on to Newburyport High school. I wonder If I know you?

  • Paula

    no but remember the Missing Links…in fact had their album at one time

  • Paula

    I think we double dated at a Senior Prom Castle Hill? ? ?

  • Paula

    The Broadway Flying horses were in Seaport Village San Diego until 2007 when they were auctioned….the flying horses were to be kept together but the mysterious buyer has never been made known. I grew in Salisbury and spent many summers on the beach. The flying horses have such great memories for me…I wish I knew where they ended up.

  • Jgravelle2

    Did the Frolics become the Surf Club? I performed at the Surf Club in May of 1962 with the Winnie Hoveler Dancers. We stayed at the Wintrhop Hotel. Professor Irwin Corey, Bobby Breen and The Richie Bros were also performing. Do you have any information during this time and do you know anyone who worked at the club or attended the club regularly at that time?

  • M2nitalian

    How could I forget you Sean! My sister and I frequently went to the park when we stayed at the beach. We worked at Pete’s Blue Whale for awhile until it closed. We were better know as Honda and Hushpuppy and the himilaya was the “big attraction”. I missed you when you left the park. I always looked forward to riding at the end of my shift. My song from you and Bob was ” This little girl is mine!” Great memories. Still have some of those cards you passed out. We were so sorry to hear about Bob. We knew he had heart problems but it was too soon. He was a fun guy and the reason we looked forward to summer! Glad to hear your doing well…thanks for sharing the memories of Bob…..Deidra Z

  • Dickkaplan

    Hi Kathy,
    Loved your comments ! My Dad was a physician in Salisbury from 1940 to his death in 1966. We resided on Beach Road and most of my summer fun (and employment) was at “The Beach.” I remember the wrestling shows featuring the champ Gorgeous George ! For a while I was the voice of the Himalaya (“. . .as we go reeeeaaallll f a s t ) ! Did we ever meet in the barrells ??

  • Brad

    If the picture of the 64 Chevy with a kid standing in front of it is you at the hotel you stayed at, that world be the El Rancho. The guy who owned it died in the 90′s when the roof collapsed under him during a repair.

  • Dianna

    From Lawrence, but spent every summer at Salisbury Beach. My family owned The Steak Pit right next to the Kon Tikki Lounge. My grandmother who everyone called “Nana” could handle all the late night drunks. I live here year round now, but it is not the same as it used to be. I miss it.

  • Dianna

    I didn’t know that. So sorry. He was great…we spent many nights hanging in front of that ride with our “crushes” on all the guys who worked on it with those red and white striped shirts

  • Easfly@comcast.net

    Anyone remember Buddy Lorenzo,s band at the Peppermint Lounge? His drummer was
    George and they were great. They went on to play in Groveland,Mass.
    How about Harold, the owner of the Five o clock club who was shot but survived?
    Foote fried clams were the best, what memories…

  • Mary Cantwell

    So far, I haven’t heard anyone referring to the “Flying Horses” as the DOBBIE HORSES! My grandparents would make sure we would always have a cottage SOMEwhere on Atlantic Avenue for a few weeks. We were Salisbury Beach Birds during the 60′s.

    As with all of you…the fond memories flood back with just a jostle. Memories of The Beach are definitely loaded with family and beach friends.

    I have 5 sisters and we often reminisce about the playground that quickly became a sand dune, (at the end of Atlantic)…A girl named Gina (who lived with her huge family in the huge PINK house on Atlantic)…and Rosa’s little store…she had all kinds of penny candy and comic books in her small convenience store (where Atlantic branched off to Railroad).

    Down on that end, there was a family (with mostly boys, I think)…the teen boys had a band and every once in awhile, they would get together at night and play their music. Everyone would throng into the little yard areas between the cottages, to listen and dance!

    Oh, that laughing lady!…Candy lipstick, dots on paper, wax lips, Archie, Richie Rich and Little Lotta comic books! BONFIRES on the BEACH! (I wonder if you can even HAVE those anymore?)

    My grandparents would save their coins all year, in six coffee jars. One jar for each grandchild. That was OUR beach money to spend any way we pleased! I must have ridden the Dobbie Horses a bazillion times!

    I do remember the little booth where we could win a puppy! I went back a couple of years ago, and wandered around in my memory for the whole afternoon. There was an OLD, OLD, OLD arcade coin game with a MONKEY playing cymbals. I remember thinking “There used to be a puppy game right here, wasn’t there?”

    I think I’ll go back tomorrow. If you see a pale middle aged woman wandering the streets with a distant look and a smile…you can guess it’s me. Say hi or something…

  • Jeff

    Dear Cass. I spent my summers during the 70′s at Haggerty’s as well. It has since been torn down and I’m longing for pictures of the place. Do you happen to have any?

  • Michelle

    I remember Mac’s Mob, and were certainly great! The best at what they did, no doubt. I also remember, before Mac’s Mob, great group’s like The Exciters, & Mason, Dixon and the Line. But when it came to pure “Rock & Roll”, I remember “the Food, The Ones, The Missing Links, andThe Union Jacks. These groups were really great “live” Rock groups with great musicians and vocals.
    The Exciters made on to The Johnny Carson show, and I believe two members of The Food ended up on the road with Mitch Ryder. Those were the days!

  • Vetdrummer

    The 3 singers in Mac’s Mob were Dick Paris, Danny White, Brian Farina. Salisbury Beach
    was my favorite place on earth to be. I played in every bar at one time or another between the
    mid 60′s to the mid 80′s.
    In 67 I was in a band that played The Five O’clock. During an afternoon show the drummer
    from The Young Rascals, Dino, heard the band while he was there on a weekend get away.
    He liked what he heard, got in touch with their manager who came the next day. They made
    an offer for the band to be their nightly opening/warm up act for an upcoming 3 month tour.
    The draft interfered though taking 2 members from our band.
    In 71, I returned to Salisbury Beach in a band called The Rhythm Kings. We played at
    the Normandy for the next 10-12 yrs 7 nights a week plus Sunday afternoons. It was some of
    the best times of my life. Last year while visiting the Beach, I was so saddened by the real-
    ization that most all the attractions are gone/tore dowwn, that I actually had a tear or two roll
    Does anyone know how to get the recipe for the meat pie that the food stand right next
    door to The Normandy at the coner use to make. The meat pie you get at the beach today
    does not compare. send info to …. Marcel …. vetdrummer@aol.com

  • Judith Schiavone

    Dodgem’s were invented in Methuen and made in Lawrece.

  • Aluna

    I know a bit:

    Dickie Paris is with Street Magic, an acapella group that is often found in the North End of Boston:  Danny White no longer sings and is legally blind.  Tony Gerard still lives and works in MA, but no longer entertains.  I have heard that Chad Bailey and Rick Poirier have been passed away. 

  • Mhawley67

     i just happened to go to this website and saw all the memories that people had of salsibury beach i used to go there from the early 70s when i was a kid the himalaya was my favorite ride at shaheens and pirates fun parks bob the music man was the best i loved your cool suits very classy we stayed at henrys then stayed at the oceangate motel then driftwood everything at the beach was so much fun with the rides arcades shops food stands i always loved the last ride of the night on the himalaya bob played southside johnnys i dont want to go home and were having a party there were times when they moved to pirates fun park that i would be the only person on the himalaya i even had a t shirt that said i rode the himalaya at shaheens fun park i lived and still do in east boston thanks for the memories sean and bob God bless marie