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Weekend DIY: Retro Colorize an Old (or new) Fan

Spray Painted Fan and Gumball Machine

Kate shows us how to re-color that fan. Ooh, is that a pink gumball machine, too?

Don’t just rid that tabletop fan of dust bunnies. Make it a part of the room’s decor by turning it pink, or black, or maybe even retro red!

Kate Starr shares her notes about this simply brilliant project at Starr Family. And to think, painting a fan never even crossed my mind.

The trickiest part is disassembling and reassembling. Kate also says to use light strokes when painting around a fan’s motor.

Aside from a few tools, like a screwdriver, all you need is some quality spray paint in your color of choice.

Fans typically look so out of place. Ah, but we need them in certain spots for our own comfort. That’s what makes this project so appealing, and, I now say, necessary.

By the way, wouldn’t a pink princess phone fit right in with this picture?

Shopping tip: Need a new tabletop fan? Most stores start discounting them in September to make room for space heaters and the like.

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