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1953 Formica Sunrise Collection Brochure

Formica Sunrise Catalog LogoFrom the Vintage Vending archives comes this 1953 brochure featuring Formica’s Sunrise Collection.

The catalog features 14 new color blended patterns for the Sunrise line, including linens, skylarks, pearls, walnuts and milanos.

The colors and patterns were used throughout the ’50s. From what we can tell the line wasn’t altered much again until 1960.

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Formica Sunrise Catalog Cover

Cover of the 1953 Catalog

As we can tell by the information page, by the early ’50s Formica was well-known and quite popular. By this time Formica laminates were being used in homes, businesses, restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals and more. By this time competitors were touting identical quality, and the Formica Company went to great lengths (especially after being purchased by American Cyanamid in 1956) to protect its trademark. They had begun stamping a removable mark on every sheet.

Formica Applications and Trademark Page

This page also shows the detail of the Formica build process.

There were plenty of patterns and colors to choose from – including the popular boomerang design that became popular in diners and kitchens.

1950s Formica Sunrise colors and patterns

1950s Formica Sunrise colors and patterns

Formica Sunrise 1950s colors

The 1950s palette also included lots of pink!

The 1950s palette included lots of bright colors, like yellow and red, as well as pink. The spectrum of solid colors was slim, as most people desired patterns, some of which gained more popularity in the ’60s (like wood grain).


Last updated: February 23, 2013
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  • Sharron

    I am searching for some of the pattens of Raymond Loewy Associates Formica designs. I have a small art room and wish to have counters covered with this product. I want something fun, bright, multiple colors. Does anyone know WHERE I can purchase this product? Thanks, Sharron

  • http://www.retroplanet.com/ Retro Planet

    Hi Sharron,
    Unfortunately that line was discontinued last year by Formica. You may want to check wilsonart.com
    their Indie collection has small boomerang patterned Formica in assorted fun colors.
    Maria – RetroPlanet.com