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Hundreds of Unique, Vintage Table Lamps

If you’re appreciative of vintage lighting, especially from the atomic era, you’re going to love walking through 350+ lamps posted at Retro Renovation. A few months ago the site asked readers to upload their table lamps, garnering hundreds of shaped, logo and character lamps. There’s plenty to drool over, including this one sporting a patterned, asymmetrical lamp shade.

Assymetrical Retro Lamp

This asymmetrical table lamp is just one of hundreds you’ll find submitted by readers at Retro Renovation.

Warning, though. Once you start, you might find yourself spending hours not only perusing all the fantastic designs, but imagining incorporating them into your own living room or office. I won’t confess how much time I spent, but I will tell you that the listings re-kindled my interest in getting up before dawn on Saturdays to hit those yard sales.

Head on over to the post, and be sure to tell me what you think!

Last updated: February 25, 2013
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