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Bastian-Blessing Superior Soda Fountains

The Bastian-Blessing Company was started by Charles Bastian and Lewis Blessing. They were employees of the Liquid Carbonic Company that had been founded by Jacob Baur in 1888. Liquid Carbonic had been the first midwestern company that produced liquefied carbon dioxide for making soft drinks. Bastian and Blessing left the Liquid Carbonic in 1908 and started their own company, where they manufactured soda fountains.

The Bastian-Blessing corporate offices and factory were based in Chicago, Illinois. A second factory was located in Grand Haven, Michigan from 1910 until 1988. In addition, they had a showroom that was located in NYC. They started a new division called RegO in 1918 that manufactured gas-welding equipment. Today Bastian-Blessing operates under the RegO name. But in its heyday, Bastian-Blessing was not only one of the earliest manufacturers of soda fountains, but the finest.

Bastian Blessing Soda Fountains

Bastian Blessing 1940 brochure page featuring Rainbow Restaurant in Portland, OR.

These photos are from a vintage 1940 company brochure featuring the “Superior Fountain” product line. The soda fountains were made of solid steel construction. They had completely mechanical refrigeration, eliminating brine and water baths that were used on earlier models to keep the ice cream and drinks cold. The brochure claimed these units were “sanitary” and were designed to help you “reap greater profits than ever before”. Most of all, though, the soda fountains were very beautiful.

In the brochure, the company spotlighted select restaurants, like the Rainbow Restaurant in Portland Oregon (above). The clean, wood finish of the soda fountain fits in very well with the Art Deco design of the Restaurant’s exterior. And note the Dole Junior soda dispenser on the counter.

The next page shows the Superior Fountain at S. H. Kress & Co. in San Antonio, Texas. The stools are covered in red Spanish leather and on the walls are scenes depicting historic San Antonio. There’s also an architectural drawing showing the floor plan and layout of the soda fountain.

Bastian Blessing Soda Fountains

Spotlight on the Superior Fountain, installed at S. H. Kress & Co. in San Antonio, Texas.

Marble tops were available for the soda fountain counters. The sleek, modern style of these fixtures is an art form of a bygone era.

Bastian Blessing Soda Fountains

1940 brochure showing marble counter options: The Tuscany and The Lombardy.

Marble Soda Fountain Counters

More marble options include The Knoxville and The Glencoe.

Additional styles in wood or porcelain on steel were also available. They vary from Art Deco, to Neoclassical to Native American, and they are all striking.

Wood Soda Fountain Counters

Wood counter models – The Vogue, The Springfield and The Cherokee.

Porcelain On Steel Soda Fountain Counter

Porcelain on steel counters: The Redfield and The Symphony.

Bastian-Blessing Porcelain on Steel Counters

The Stratford, The Beverly and The Michigan.

There were also different backbar options for the soda fountains. With the mirrors and glass they make quite an overall statement.

Bastian-Blessing Soda Fountain Backbars

Backbar options: The Sylvan and The Richmond

Backbars For Soda Fountains

Backbars and Superstructures: The Montrose and The Bellevue

There are still many shops today that have an original Bastian-Blessing counter. It would be worth trying to find an example in your area. If you find one, we’d love to see pics and hear your story!

Last updated: February 23, 2013
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  • Pam Pieters

    How do I find out about buying a soda fountain

  • ted bratton

    we have a bastian-blessing soda machine we will be selling on november 10 2008.at auction please e-mail me for info

  • Aaron

    I have a 1924 marble soda fountain for sale. please email for info. twodogtrade@yahoo.com

  • Mary

    Anyone Interested? I have a 1938 Fischman Ice Cream Soda Fountain Counter (aprox. 10 ft. by 42 inches by 3 feet), the real thing from a drug store in Rhode Island originally. Has 10 dual sided ice cream wells and about 12 syrup dispensers. Made of shiny stainless steel and ceramic / marble… swan neck soda dispensers. Beautiful and surprisingly nice condition.

  • Kathleen Hopkins

    We are restoring an old small town pharmacy in Maryland and I would like to know more information about your counter.

  • Abdul El-Zarif

    I’m in the market right now for a fully operational, old fashioned soda fountain. Any sellers?

    Mary, do you still have your fountain for sale? Please reply @ aelzarif@gmail.com. Thanks!!!

  • tom

    I’m interested

  • Will

    Mary please let me know if you are still looking to sell. Anyone for that matter, I am searching for a vintage soda fountain.

  • Dave Foster

    I have a 1953 (4) draft arm soda machine. It is approx. 4 ft. wide x 4 ft. tall (excluding draft arms). It makes its own carbonated water and has its own refrigeration unit. Three of the draft arms dispense a carbonated mix, while the fourth is a water mix (grape Nehi etc.) We have used that arm for Margeritas actually! Of course you can also dispense plain water or carbonated water separately. The unit unit must weigh over 500 lbs. and I have been trying to find a value for it, and an interested buyer. If any of you could direct me to either, I would be most appreciative.\
    Thanks, Dave Foster df3532@sbcglobal.net

  • Gene Fennell

    I am designing a tenant improvement soda fountain for some people in Custer, SD. Interested in what is out there as far as historical pieces & parts or even full operational assemblies. Phone number available upon request.

  • Ed

    Hello everyone,

    I just bought a house and there is an old soda fountain in the basement that I was going to keep, but I need the space for a bar fridge. I have photos if anyone wants. They are posted on an antique forum: http://www.antique-shop.com/forums/index.php?topic=4460.0

    I’m not sure of how much it is worth or anything, but if anyone can offer some help, I would greatly appreciate it. It does need some restoration, but it doesn’t look like too much.

    Thanks everyone!!!

  • Robert

    I am opening a ice cream and gift shop. I need to find a vintage soda fountain. Any sellers?

  • http://nt.spencer@myfairpoint.net William and Nancy

    I have a circa 1950, 6 stool soda fountain with 1920′s Mahogony back bar containing a large center mirror. This unit was in daily use up to 1995 when my family’s New Hampshire pharmacy moved to smaller quarters. I am interested in selling the fountain and back bar after a qualified appraisal is done. Glassware, utensils, soda machine etc. Please, if anyone could suggest an appraiser well versed in vintage soda fountains and/or pharmacy antiques I would greatly appreciate the help ASAP. Thank you

  • Roman Adams

    I have a 1950′s Bastian Blessings Soda Fountain (Cherekee) 8 stool and a carbonatin machine I would like to sell. Fountain came out of a Rexall drug store in North Georgia. It is currently in my horse trailer and I need it out ASAP. I know a approx. value but will entertain any offers.

  • Tammy Hauer

    Hi Roman,
    I’m interested in buying an old soda fountain for an old fashioned candy shop and soda fountain I’m opening in Montana. Can you send me photos and how much you are asking for yours?

  • Roman Adams

    I have tried to put my email on here ,but it has not let me. I will try again outdoorpawn at AOL

  • STan Pirkle

    Hello please send me some pics about the soda fountain. and what size and whats wrong. and a price and where you are I am very interested Thansk Stan

  • STan Pirkle

    I am searching for a vintage soda fountain Please email me Thanks

  • Roman Adams

    For soda fountain inquiries
    Contact Roman

  • Don House

    I am restoring a 1930′s drug store in Texas and am in need of a soda fountain. I can (if necessary) construct the counter and back-bar but would prefer a complete set. I would appreciate any leads.


  • Stan

    Don email me Thanks Stan

  • Keith

    William and Nancy do you still have your fountain ? How can I get in touch with you

  • William Duncan

    I own an ice cream soda fountain that I will be selling soon. It was built for a drug store in Sioux City back in 1910. The front and back bar are a matching set. Both pieces are made of “quarter sawn” oak. The counter top is 2″ thick marble. It has the original draft arms with alabaster knobs as well as all of the porcelain syrup and topping containers. This set is absolutely beautiful. It is 8ft tall and only takes 8ft x 8ft of floor space. Contact me for more information.

  • William

    I have a liquid stainless steel soda fountain bar for sale. It needs a good cleaning. Compressor is included but not installed. I have been told the compressor can be rebuilt, I don’t know. It has ceramic inserts. Anyone interested give me a call at 573-474-7686

  • Brad Ginnings

    I too am looking for an antique soda fountain. Please email me at b1ginnings@yahoo.com if anyone is selling. Thanks

  • Ron Morris

    I’ve got an 8′ stainless steel soda fountain and the 12′ black and white marble bar that surrounded it for sale. I personally removed it from the drugstore when it closed down in the mid-70′s. email me at rlm@5x-op.us


    My family and I bought everything from a old icecream store about 10 years ago. We have two Bastin Blessing soda fountains. They are both very nice, I have the model and serial number for the smaller of the two (model number 2405 serial number 63-G-267). I would appreciate any info anyone could look up on it I believe it is much older. The larger is a 1962 model I know. I reciently placed it in a friends meat shop to sell. thanks chris

  • Matthew Trojan

    Want to see an original top in great shape? Visit the battleship USS Alabama. The have a Bastian-Blessing all dry soda fountain that was installed in 1940! I couldnt believe it!!! It was awesome.

  • clea

    I am also looking for a marble top soda fountain bar. I have tried to contact William and Nancy above but have had no luck. I am also located in New Hampshire near the Boston area but will travel for the right “fit.”

  • clea

    My email for contact is clea@tmtjewelry.com Thank you!

  • Cindy

    We are looking for designs for a 1950′s era cocktail/soda fountain counter. We are building a game room with a 50′s theme. thanks!

  • Ralph Cooper

    I have a friend who is looking for the metal chairs and table from the small drug store type found in the 30′s and 40′s. She wishes to make a gift of them to her friend. Please let me know if you have any and photos if possible as well as the price.


  • TD

    We have a 1948 Liquid antique soda fountain for sale. If anyone is interested please email us at


  • Roman Adams

    I have a original1950’s Bastian Blessings Soda Fountain (Cherekee) 16 ft X 4 ft /8 stool and a carbonatin machine I would like to sell. Fountain came out of a Rexall drug store in North Georgia. Needs a compressor to be full funtional. The compressor cost around $1500.00. Also have a commercial 3 bay stainless steal sink that I will throw in. I am willing to sell for half the value so only serious inquiries please.

  • Roman Adams

    outdoorpawn@aol.com or by phone @ (678)454-4011

  • http://nt.spencer@myfairpoint.net William and Nancy

    William and Nancy at nt.spencer@myfairpoint.net or by phone @ (603) 444-6823

  • Zhivago

    I have a Bastian Blessing Soda Fountain. I would like to know what it is worth. I might consider selling it. Model: 3554SCCW Serial numer: 29428 Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Claudia and Ron

    My husband and I are considering opening an old fashioned soda fountain. I have a few smaller decorating pieces, but it would be amazing to have a real soda fountain in it. I will be contacting TD, Roman, William and Nancy and Zhivago to see if you still have yours for sale. If anyone else has an original piece that preferably works (as we don’t have the money to refurbish it or the knowledge to fix it) please email us at ourflipflopwedding@yahoo.com. We live in Florida, but depending on price and condition we may be crazy enough to go get one somewhere in the US. Thanks!

  • wes

    i have a Bastian-Blessing Stainless steel dual soda fountain, sink (two hole), combination ice cream dipping freezer with topping pumps. All parts including pumps and containers are present. may need a little work, but no leaks (still holds compressed refrigerant). it was last run just a few years ago, and has been garage kept since. pics can be sent by email request. i am in the process of researching it’s worth, but will consider any reasonable offer. mxpilot009@hotmail.com

  • David Gomez

    I worked for Bastian-Blessing in Grand Haven, Mi. for 18 1/2 yrs. as an restaurant designer. I worked on many top name establishments. I have a full equipment catalog and employee stainless memories catalog. I would like to get any information on any pension plan that they carried on me. Thank you for any input.

  • jamie

    I am looking for an old drug store soda fountain, counter, stools for a christmas present…are any of the Bastian-Blessing fountains available? can you email me please at Majorleaguekids@aol.com thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  • Dustin McGuire

    I have a original ice cream/ soda fountain backbar I got from an old drug store here in Kansas. It is 9′tall and 12′ long. Has the white milk glass doors on the base and the top has the very large mirror in the center with a “please pay when served” coke advertisement looks to be frosted in the center. (neat) Large pillar post go up the sides. Wood appears to be mohagony. Stained glass runs across the top with a 1″1/2 thick marble top. Also has 3 original ice cream advertisement signs sitting on the top. There’s a brass badge plate on the front that says “Guarnteed Iceless Specialty Fountain Co. Grand Haven Michigan” The owner says the Backbar was brought in around 1912 ish? It is in excellent condition. I’m wanting to sell this piece for I have no room for it. If anyone would be interested you can contact me by email: dmcguire@usd252.org or cell: 620 437 7561. Thanks,

  • Dustin McGuire

    I have an Ice cream parlor backbar from the early 1900;s from an old drug store here in Kansas. It’s 9′ tall and 12′ long, milk glass bottom cabinet doors and stained glass across the top with lighting, thick marble top, original icecream advertisement signs across the top, large pillars up the sides, a brass badge in front says (Guaranteed Iceless Specialty Fountain Co. Grand Haven Mich.) It’s in excellent original condition. I’m wanting to sale do to lack of room for it. I can be reached at email: dmcguire@usd252.org
    620 437 7561. if interested.

  • Dustin McGuire

    I’ve posted the above twice because I didn’t think it posted the first time. Call or email for more info!

  • jason funk

    Hi Robert!!! We have what you are looking for! My e mail is alisha.stylist@gmail.com And my cell number is 1217-304-8407 It is a stainless steal unit!!!!

  • http://www.rbcommserv.com Barry

    I am looking for a vintage/antique stainless steel soda fountain that is in the 4-6′ wide range. Bastian Blessing, Stanley Knight or comparable will do. If anyone has or knows of one please contact me at barryd@rbcommserv.com.

  • K. Burke

    I have a Bastian Blessing Bobtail Soda Fountain in really great shape. It has been fully functional but isn’t hooked up right now so no guarantee. You can see picture of it at Craig’s List in East Austin. The unit is actually in my home in Wichita Falls, TX. Dimensions are: 48″ and 36″ high, 48″ wide and 31″ deep. I also own the triple sink unit that attaches to it. The style is art deco and it is very attractive. We have a target price but will entertain offers. I can be reached at macbur44@sbcglobal.net. Thanks

  • http://www.koppiesonthelake.com Jim Koeppel

    I am considering selling a beautiful, vintage, stainless steel Bastian Blessing Fast Serve Ice Cream Dip Cabinet with sink and dip well in very good condition. 14 compartment refrigerated dip rail, holds 12-3 gallon tubs of ice cream, extra cooler space and attached 3 foot side table. Total dimensions 10′w x 3′d.
    Pictures available
    Delivery negotiable
    Contact: marjamo@centurytel.net

  • Chris Harrell

    I have a 1950s Ficher model soda/ice cream bar that would like to sell. Stainless steel. 32 inches by 100 inches. It came out of the Pine View Motel- Effingham,South Carolina. Sorry. I do not know a great deal about this unit but will negotiate on the price. Pictures upon request.
    Thank You

  • Vito

    Hello to all, My wife and I are looking for an old vintage Drugstore style soda fountain with bar and back bar or something close. we have purchased an old building that 80 years ago had a soda bar in it, Old drugstore.. we are putting it back the way it was… If you have something please do not hesitate to call me 608-712-0679 Wisconsin

    Thank you