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1950s Chromcraft Dinette Furniture Color Chart


Shown here is a 1950s Chromcraft brochure with sample chips of plastic laminates for dinette tabletops and plastic upholstery for the coordinating chairs.

Chromcraft 1950s Color Chart

Very modern-looking, durable dinette sets were all the rage from the mid-1940s through the early 1960s. I recognize both the table and chair coverings that we had on our set when I was very young. Chromcraft dinettes were very practical and hardwearing, since the table and chair surfaces were plastic and the table and chair legs were steel. This type of furniture construction preceded the use of Formica and vinyl that came years later. Chromcraft sets were very well made and there are many that are still in use today.

Side closeup

Closeup: Consoweld Plastic Tops (Mother-of-Pearl) and G.E. Textolite (Ming).

side closeup

Chart cover and samples of wood grain patterns and whimsical caprice by Richelain.

The Chromcraft Corporation began as a subdivision of the American Fixture and Showcase Co. that was founded in 1908. Chromcraft was originally located in St. Louis, Missouri, but continued growth lead to a move to a new plant in Senatobia, Mississippi in 1962. They have been a very successful manufacturer of metal dining furniture, office chairs and barstools, and are still in business today.

Closeup of Masland Durand

Samples of exclusive Masland Duran plastic upholstery (mother-of-pearl and ming).

Columbus Coated

Samples of Columbus Coated (caprice and cactus).


It’s interesting to see the colors and patterns that were so popular in 1950s America. Many of these are making a comeback as more people are favoring the retro look in their own homes. This Chromcraft brochure has been added to the Retro Planet PDF Library. If you’d like to view the color charts there, just click on the link.

Last updated: February 23, 2013
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  • Kathleen Rustad

    I just bought a dinnette set at a Goodwill store and noticed that it said Chromcraft Exclusive ’68 on the bottom so it is fun to find out some of the history of Chromcraft.

  • me

    I have a chromcraft home bar from the 70′s and contacted chromcraft to find out more about it. They fired off a reply in less than five minutes saying they had no information on any of their products from that time. I found that surprising, considering the size and age of their company. It left me with bad feelings about a company that is still in business, they don’t have toworry about me buying any of their “new” products.

  • Barbarao1939

    I had a cromcraft kitchen set in the late 50s.  I would love to have one again.  I am in my 70s and am looking back on things that lasted.  I believe they had a factor in Memphis TN at that time.  I just know that it brings back good memories and I am glad that they are still in business today.
    Barbara in Clay, KY

  • Carlos

    What kind of help you need?