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Retro Gifts for Mom

Mom's Diner Coffee Mug

Exclusive Design: Mom’s Diner Coffee Mug

Mother’s Day is May 11th. While you don’t have to spend a lot to let Mom know she’s special, you want to give her something she’ll love. For the vintage-loving mother, there are hundreds of unique retro gifts. From key chains and totes to wall clocks and decals, there are plenty of gifts to match any budget.

Among the most popular Mother’s Day gifts is the classic Kit-Cat Clock in black (it also comes in red and cream). This beauty has the moving eyes and wagging tail to keep her smiling. For the diner mom, the table accessories set has it all—a menu holder, napkin dispenser, sugar pourer, straw dispenser, salt & pepper shakers and an exclusive menu cover.

Does Mom need her own space? Inspire her to carve out her own woman cave with unique wall decor, like the Piccolo Million Dollar clock or a Pink Cadillac car shelf. If the kitchen is her domain, help her spruce it up with a diner style Eat sign, or a classic red kitchen clock.

Retro Cadillac Car Shelf for Mom

This unique, wall-mount shelf takes Mom back in time.

Among the popular characters and icons gifts are Betty Boop, (I Love) Lucy, and Elvis, but there are plenty of “Hollywood” gifts featuring Marilyn Monroe, The Wizard of Oz and John Wayne. From bookmarks to wall decor, there are plenty of items she’ll have never seen before.

Of course, you could simply fall back on the traditional chocolates and flowers. To find the gift, however, that tells her you really know her? That’s the key to a spectacular Mother’s Day for the mom who gave you everything.

Want hundreds more ideas for the retro-lovin’ mom? Check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas.




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The Shelvador Refrigerator by Crosley

1949 Shelvador Ad

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Coffee Filter Flower

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