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Customer Service at RetroPlanet.com

Our mission, our goal, our passion is to provide people all over the world with a great selection of cool retro products at excellent prices, an easy-to-use secure and informative web site and outstanding customer service.

From our retro decorated office and warehouse in Nashua, NH., the employees of Retroplanet.com work everyday to complete our mission.

Thanks for visiting us and if you are considering purchasing some retro products online we ask that you give us a chance, we wonít let you down.

Meet our staff

Name: Keith Kennelly
Job Title: President and Owner for 11+ Years
Past experience & present job goals: Previously, I was one of the founders and owners of Salem Sportswear. We were one of the largest printers of licensed NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and college t-shirts in the country. My primary job is to find new products and to always look for ways to improve our website and to make sure we have happy customers. Of course there are about a hundred other things a day that go along with running any small business.

Favorite thing about working here:
My favorite thing about working here is solving the day-to-day challenges of running an ecommerce business. I love the atmosphere of our offices, being in downtown Nashua and working with some great people.
Favorite product: It's a simple product that most of us played with when we were kids. It's probably one of our least expensive items but still lots of fun, and that's the elastic-driven Sky Streak Balsa Wood Airplane. Item # 24886.
Product related story:
I like decorating my garage with our gas station and auto related signs. The garage is definitely an under-decorated space. For a reasonable price you can add color, style and fun to those bland walls.

Name: Maria Hayden
Job Title: eSales Mgr/Buyer for 10+ years
Past experience and present job goals: Prior to coming to Retroplanet.com, I was a hairstylist for 21 years. My goal is to provide our customers with the best information and direction with their purchase. We pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the business. My latest job endeavor has been maintaining our website to insure that it is informative, fun to shop and always full of new exciting retro products.
Favorite thing about working here: I love my job and look forward to coming in everyday. Being a small staff, it is great to see the team effort that goes into making Retroplanet.com the successful company that it is.
Favorite product: This is tough for me as I love all of our products, but being the coffee drinker that I am, our classic diner mug Item #13330 is one of my favorites. Just makes coffee taste better!!
Product related story: Over the years I have had the pleasure of purchasing many products. A few for myself, but mostly as gifts. The big hit this past Christmas were our cool manhole cover floor mats.

Name: Chantalle Lister
Job Title: Photographer/eMerchandiser for 6+ years
Present job goals: Vintage Vending was my first job experience working on a web site and photographing products. My goals are to provide customers with the most accurate and informative images and descriptions of the products that we sell. When a customer opens their box of retro goodies, there should be no unpleasant surprises!
Favorite thing about working here: It's really encouraging to know that 100s of people see my photographs every day. I love all things retro from music to clothing, so this is the perfect place for me to work. And being a part of a small business makes the workplace fun and enjoyable so I look forward to coming in everyday.
Favorite product: This is a tough one! The item I would most like to purchase would have to be the Crosley Select-O-Matic Turntable. I grew up listening to my parents records; now I just need to build my own record collection!
Product related story: I purchased a bunch of the tiki party supplies for a friend's 30th birthday party and they looked really great all around the pool in the back yard. We had a blast!

Name: Ann-Marie Aiyawar
Job Title: Web Assistant/Writer and Blog Editor
Present job goals: My previous work experience was as a graphic design manager in the book publishing industry. That was very interesting, but nothing compares with coming in everyday and working with the variety of retro products here at Retroplanet.com. As a relatively new employee, I am still becoming acquainted with all the awesome products here and the new ones that come in day-to-day. You may have seen my name attached to some of the blogs on our website. These have been a joy to write and have helped me become more familiar with both the new and vintage products here at Retroplanet.com and at the Vintage Vending website. I strive to write interesting, informative pieces that people will enjoy reading and be impelled to respond to.
Favorite thing about working here: The people here are great and very dedicated to making sure our customers are completely satisfied. I have always loved retro things and learn more about them everyday. There's never a dull moment!
Favorite product: There are so many products that I see everyday that I'd like to pick up for myself or for someone I know. The ice cream parlor products, the old movie posters and all of the retro toys are probably my favorites though.
Product related story: My first purchase here was a set of Gumby characters for my daughter. She loves playing with them and enjoyed hearing about how I watched the Gumby programs when I was a child. I really love sharing things from my past with my children, and products like these make it possible.

Name: Dave Greenlaw
Job Title: Warehouse & Shipping Mgr
Present job goals: I worked for a large computer company for 21 years. The last 8 years I spent working in the consumer vending area at 2 privately owned companies. I would have to say that my goal is to ensure that all items are recíd and stored and that when your order comes through, it is shipped in a safe timely manner. Most likely that very same day.
Favorite thing about working here:A good group of people working together to send out some great products. Who can argue with that?
Favorite product:Iíd have to say Iím continuously amazed at all of the vintage original items that we have coming through the doors. Some of these havenít seen the light of day since they were made 50+ years ago. Itís fun to be able to pick up a fishing reel from 1960 and say ďI rememberÖÖ.Ē
Product related story:Iíve bought a few items for my daughters and look forward to stocking up on those tiki supplies for the summer. You never know when a bonfire party will break out!

Name: Jeremy Kennelly
Job Title: Summer Staff: Writer/Order Assistant
Part time help writing product descriptions, pulling and processing orders. Attending Hofstra University Hempstead NY, major International Business.


Name: Patrick Kennelly
Job Title: Summer Staff: Writer
Part time help writing product descriptions. pulling and processing orders. Attending Suffolk University Sawyer Business School Boston MA, major Entrepreneurial Business.




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